If you have ever considered sponsoring someone on a Flight, PLEASE take time to read this information first.
There is much more to sponsoring someone than most people realize. This is very important!


Every youth who attends Chrysalis has a "sponsor" who supports and encourages him/her before, during, and after the Chrysalis experience.

Sponsorship is the way in which the Chrysalis experience is passed on from person to person, reflecting the manner in which God purposefully reaches out to people through other people. After a Chrysalis Weekend, you may want to share the gift of those three days with others. Sponsorship provides you with a caring and disciplined way to share. And in doing so you, the sponsor, participate in and demonstrate God's outreaching love.

Sponsorship is taken for granted in many communities. The assumption is that everyone knows the how and why of sponsorship. Sometimes sponsorship is only discussed with reference to the number of participants signed up for a Chrysalis Weekend.

Make no mistake. Sponsorship is the most important job in the Chrysalis Movement. It is a job shared by the adults who have been through Emmaus and the youth who have been through Chrysalis. It is more than simply "signing youth up." The importance of a Chrysalis Community being educated about good sponsorship cannot be overemphasized. The quality of sponsorship impacts the new participants, the health and effectiveness of the Chrysalis Movement, and the churches being affected by Chrysalis.

The aim of sponsorship is the same as the aim of Chrysalis: the spiritual growth of young Christians as disciples of Jesus Christ through churches and their youth groups. Every sponsor should reflect upon his or her motivation for wanting to sponsor another youth and make sure it is consistent with this aim. 
Reasons NOT to sponsor someone are:

Sponsorship can be motivated, however, by a number of hopes and prayers for youth which are consistent with the aim of Chrysalis. These include giving youth the gift of three days apart:

Be sure to check back to this page and the home page often for the latest information on Sponsorship training. If you have any further questions you can contact any of the Board members by clicking here.